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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Exams time and Just a Teacher is now busy with examining! Students are so stressed. My plan was successful! I have not left a single question for the exam night adn this method has redused their stress level a lot.
Our teaching methods here is so terrible! I was visitign London's musuems and in each hall you could find bunches of students. I spent lots of time listening to their teahers! I may write about that trip later but what made me sure was that a teacher should be so creative in teaching and should not rely on paper and pencil at all! Students love to learn and will learn better differently!:)

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Monday, September 27, 2004
Happiness is like the silence, may break with a very little sound.
I was at the pick of happiness yesterday, But sometimes all what you ahve to decide about are vague, your supervisor is angry with you, A colleague ahs taken up the project you are working on it and had worked on it! , you have to care about y our family and culture, you have to respect your parents ideas and that they want to give their brilliant ideas in your most private affairs and many other stories. But I am still a big big girl!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
I'm so happy that I foudn my password again :D
This is I guess a terrible problem with too many accounts in our e-life :)

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Thursday, December 25, 2003
It’s another Christmas and it's a little bit difficult to decide it’s mine or not. The Christmas tree in the office, Christmas party and the vine. Santa clause under the tree and all those ornaments on it. Our big boss and his wife decorated it themselves and when he is on leave I thought it’s my responsibility to keep the tree lights on. I can’t normally believe the speed of the years passing by.
The sweeties at school are fine and they sang all the Christmas carols and they danced all he J.Lo they knew in their math class with the great excuse of the time being Christmas Eve!
Let’s see! I remember it from 1994 when I woke up at 12 midnight with the sound of the radio on new year’s day. From then on it wasn’t any great story since we tried to get to a church on 1996 when we were excused! The next year I was there for the first time wondering about the ceremonies! And it was last year with a dear friend celebrating it in her house and all those greenies and all her homesickness and sadness! And it was this year when I felt it and I understood the meaning of the global village and it was today when I thought maybe I had to go on winter holidays!
Poor teacher! She has lots of unfinished untouched homework for the last term of university! I wish my professor at university could teach things in a way that we could understand so I wouldn’t carry the headache for all my day!
Maybe tomorrow is a nice day to visit a Christian friend and we’ll probabily talk about work!
It’s so difficult when your heart doesn’t belong to where you leave and you don’t belong to many places that others believe that they belong.
The sad feeling I have when it comes to share happiness
I have totally forgotten to be an engineer. I wish happiness for everyone, I wish peace for everywhere, smile for all souls and hopes for all hearts rivers for all young lovers to share their happiness

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Thursday, October 02, 2003
It's the Friday MORNING.
I have to teach some IT stuff to my 12th graders! Does anyone have any idea how can I speak less in class? The book is a very thick , theoritical book, It much more is like a news paper you just read about how things have developed and it boasts how wonderful the hardware is ! I want to make them read these things but I want it to be fun for them ! The first idea is giving them some questions , to find the answers they have to go through the pages! any better suggestions ? :)

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It's been around 20 days I had not updated! I'm again a teacher! hurray ! Happy september and schooling again! this year I have 3 math and 3 computer classes in high school and I'll be in the office as well ! I got sick 2 times ! It's too much to work in two places wih a load of works but I think I have to stick to both and not to loose any of them, I do need some time for sporting! I actually don't know how to make the time expend a little bit for me!
I'm happy I'm a teacher again, I'll write about it :)

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Hurray !
It's me back again .
and I guess I'll be again a teacher, I'll resign, I WANNA BE JUST A TEACHER !

Happy fathers days,
Lots of happiness for all lovely dads.
( those who may become dads one day, are part of the group;) )

posted by Nasim 1:28 AM
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Tuesday, August 19, 2003
It was so funny. When one of the boys/men entered the office Female1 would shout :
" Thanx so much for all the roses. But you didn't have to !"
It was women day and not even a single rose! After one hour of announcing it to all the males in the office we were bombarbed by coockies! I ate 3 BIG ones. And then we started sending ourselves greetings !:)) I went to the boss and explained him that he has to be extremely nice to us !:) he treated us with another big box of cookies !:))

Happy mother's day :)
I bought 6 nice coffee cups ;)

posted by Nasim 10:28 AM
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